Best sushis restaurants in Japan

Best sushis restaurants in Japan

True culinary institutions, sushi is one of the most consumed dishes in the world. If eating raw fish can be confusing for some people, this is a real culinary way of life for Japanese people and a passion for the rest of the world. And if this dish is popular all around the globe, in Japan, real sushi is an explosion of flavor. If you are used to Californian roll in your neighborhood, a visit to its sushi restaurants in Japan will surely challenge your knowledge of the dish.

At Jiro, the best sushi in the world

At the heart of the Tokyo metro is the Sukiyabashi Jiro, a 3 Michelin star. The leader served Barack Obama. At the helm, Jiro Ono, awarded three stars since the first edition of the Michelin guide, released in 2008 in Japan. A real national treasure that practices his art, very Zen, for almost three quarters of a century. Twice a day, six days a week and eleven months out of twelve, that's almost 50,000 services. Tasting such sushi is a true explosion of flavor that you will not find anywhere else in the world.

Essential places

Here are other high-end sushi restaurants you must go to at least once in your life to experience a memorable and delectable sushi experience.

  •  Kyubey (Ginza): Very famous in Japan, to taste the best Japanese Omakase, this is the restaurant to visit. It also serves the best traditional Japanese sushi, totally different from the ones you are used to.
  •  Matsue (Ebisu): If you want to know how chefs are preparing sushi, then sit down at a table in Matsue's bar. You will admire the dexterity and speed of Japanese sushi specialists. If you are by yourself or accompanied, get a table and enjoy one of Japan's best sushi.
  •  Miyako (Shinjuku): In a quiet and peaceful atmosphere, Miyako Restaurant is located on the third floor of the Regency Hotel. Only a few minutes away from Shinjuku Station, it is an easy place to get to and many other attractions.
  •  Kurosaki (Shibuya): In terms of value for money, Kurosaki is one of the best sushi restaurants you can meet in Japan. Families on vacation can enjoy traditional sushi as revisited without spending a lot. The setting is more calm and chic for a moment of relaxation and more.
  •  Isshin (Asakusa): Located near one of the most populated areas of Japan, Isshin is the best place to eat after shopping in Asakusa. This Michelin-starred restaurant has kept the authenticity of Japanese sushi. Calm and sweet atmosphere to the Japanese is also very relaxing in this restaurant.

Leave as soon as possible at the best price

Not only for its gastronomy but especially for its way of life, its cultural wealth and landscapes, Japan is a destination to at least visit once in a lifetime. So, as soon as you have time for an extended weekend or holiday, book your flight on Opodo and run to the land of the rising sun. Alone or accompanied, this destination is accessible to all with the best flight plan, hotels and activities on Opodo.

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